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The Farmhouse Tap & Grill was kind enough to host the Thread Magazine crew (and a couple new friends) for the opening of their Oktoberfest, including a exciting spread of new fall brews on tap. All of which will be available for just a little while longer, so make sure you get down to the Farmhouse to taste this fantastic collection before they’re gone. We rated and commented on the following beers individually, giving them overall scores between 1-5 stars which were then tallied.

We came, we drank, we wrote, and then drank more. Danke.

by Greg, Shannon, Sean, Jackie, Fauna, Ben, Meghan, David, Neil, Jake, and Jeff | photos by Ben

Trapp Lodge Oktoberfest (VT) ☆☆☆☆ (4 Stars)

“The Trapp Oktober is a slap in the face from a giant autumnal white birch.” -Sean

“Simple, smooth, easy to drink, a lighter of the Oktoberfest beers.” -Shannon

“Honest, sweet, fresh.” -Jeff

“On the sweeter end of the Oktoberfest spectrum, slight coppery taste (in a good way).” -Ben

“Herby/weedy aftertaste.” -Meghan

“Light, Hoppy, Refreshing” -Neil

Flying Dog Tirebite (MD) ☆☆1/2 (2.5 Stars)

“Good hold steady for the long haul on a hot day” -Jeff

“The Tirebite transcends the traditional confines of aged barley water and arrives at a malty resting place adorned with the remnant memories of better beers”-David

“Typical Kölsh, does not stand out.” -Neil

“Bland.” -Fauna

Bobcat Cafe Oktoberfest (VT) ☆☆☆☆ (4 stars)

“Smoky, refreshing, slightly bitter aftertaste, flavorful, and punchy” – Jackie

“Complex, smoky, unique. Yum.” – Fauna

“Medium amber smoky deliciousness.” -Greg

Victory Prima Pils (PA) ☆ (1 star …sorry in advance for the following comments Victory, nothing personal)

“Budweiser look alike without the taste.” -Neil

“Victory Prima is a giant flacid flop. Flat and uninspired.” -Sean

“Uninspired, tired and flat.” -Jake

“…Victory? Defeat.” -Ben

“The Victory Prima delivers little save for the promise of continued disappointment on ounces 2-16.” -Sean

Ayinger Brau Oktoberfest (Germany) ☆☆☆☆☆ (5 stars / Overall Winner)

“Typically German, clear defined taste.” -Neil

“Carbonation complements floral overtones. Light on palette. Light sourness and classic beer bitterness.” -Sean

“A fluffy brew with an unoffensive nose and pleasant aftertaste.” -Jake

“Slight spice notes, sharper taste than the other Oktobers. F*cking good beer.” -Ben

Ayinger Brau Weisse (Germany) ☆☆☆☆1/2 (4.5 Stars)

“Don’t let the light color fool you, this beer is full of flavor, a nice light citrus tone that better speaks to a summer ale than a feature at Oktoberfest.” -Jackie

“Tastes like cotton candy if cotton candy came in beer form.” -Shannon

Trapp Lodge Lager (VT) ☆☆☆ (3 stars)

“Overall pretty good for a German style lager not made in Germany. Tangy finish in a good way. Reminds me of Grölsh.” -Greg

“Lower carbonation, round & smooth. Very drinkable.”

“Blandly acidic.” -Jake

“Easy drinking.” -Shannon