Waking Windows Presents: Bringing the scene to BTV

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words  // Evan Johnson| photos // Britt Shorter, Oopey Mason

Around six in the evening on a Thursday, the energy in the Monkey House is gradually accelerating. So far, the downtown Winooski joint is filled with folks done with the workday and looking for an early evening beer. Seated outside at a cluster of steel chairs, a few members of the Waking Windows Presents crew talk about, of all topics, where they bought their shoes.      Continue Reading

The Bumping Jones: Playgrounds

BJ at Nectars

words  // Taylor Morse| videos // Zach Despart

Walking in to meet the Bumping Jones last Tuesday I found myself on the sidewalk of a sleepy street on the outskirts of Burlington, across the river from Winooski. Upon entering the house, where many of the members live, I was greeted with a warm, communal welcome from the band, who sat around dusty couches in front of a large sound system that filled the room with jazz.

The Joneses, spread out across the dimly-lit room, are a collection of diverse personalities; their musical tastes range from experimental horn music to electro-pop to the Rolling Stones. They communicate candidly, speaking the same language they do onstage, always filling in missed details in each other’s sentences and stories.

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Eric George: The Debut Album

Eric George 942 copy

words  // Liz Cantrell| video // Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

 Oddly, the first thing that sticks out about Eric George is his calm, steady voice. He is a quiet presence on an otherwise bustling Saturday morning at Muddy Waters, forced to compete with the whir of the espresso machine and café chatter. Normally, one would expect someone’s pitch to rise higher in order to be better heard, but George maintains an even tone and an unruffled manner. Continue Reading

See the space, feel the space: IrisVR

irisslider 2words  // Wes Dunn | photos // Ben Zackin

Most college graduates experience at least some sort of a transition period into, for lack of a better term, the real world. For some, this is a few months, to take a breath before jumping towards post-schooling goals. In an increasingly more common scenario, many people find themselves reaching 30 without realizing the vision they had for their lives. But this isn’t the case for recent Middlebury College graduates Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty. Continue Reading

Green Mountain Comedy Festival brings the laughs

Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro, who has appeared on Comedy Central, Conan and NPR, is this year’s headliner.
Photo courtesy of the Green Mountain Comedy Festival

words // Annalisa Parent

With the recent winter being one of the coldest on record, Vermonters need more than ever to get out and enjoy a good time.  Well, spring has sprung in more ways than one, and the Green Mountain Comedy Festival is here to help you dust off the cobwebs on your funny bone.

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Light Club Lamp Shop


words // Tommy Gambino | photography // Zach Despart

Along Burlington’s North Winooski Avenue, you may find yourself part amidst a nightly scene of live music, great atmosphere and kind souls at Radio Bean, one of the Queen City’s premiere music venues.

Started by Lee Anderson 14 years ago, this spot has become a source of solace for many Burlington locals. There’s a mystical aura surrounding “The Bean Scene,” a product of Anderson’s commitment to making live music seven days a week for all the denizens of Burlington — old and young, lifelong residents and college students.

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