Rackk & Ruin: Vintage metal


words // Liz Cantrell | photos // Damir Alisa

Molly Conant may be the daughter of Steve Conant, founder and owner of Conant Metal & Light on Pine Street. And she may be the successful one-woman force behind Rackk & Ruin, a jewelry collection made from vintage metals and other materials. But she did not break into the metalworking world in the linear, familial fashion that one might expect.

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Abe’s Corner Accelerator: Financing startups in the digital world


words // Liz Cantrell || photos // Damir Alisa

Sean Hurley is obsessive. He’ll admit it, and he’ll tell you it’s a good thing. Loquacious, energetic and driven, in five years Hurley has already founded one company, sold it and set his sights on company number two. It is possible that the man does not sleep. Trained in statistics, big data and consumer behavior, but balanced by an appreciation for the Vermont way of life, Hurley gets his thrills from creating and sustaining small businesses in the heart of Burlington’s Old North End.

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Bobby Bruderle: Uncomfortable art


words // Taylor Morse || photos // Bobby Bruderle

Some artists find their place, their comfortable nook of creation, and remain steady within those constraints, continuing forever in a style that becomes easy and reliable. Other artists find a possibility, take it and race forward toward the unknown of a new idea; a risk for the sake of possibility. Bobby Bruderle is one such artist, who rushes against the tide of creating comfortable art. Continue Reading

John Stork: Pushing the limits of street performing


words // Evan Johnson

It’s John Stork, but to most people that walk the brick-lined thoroughfare on a daily basis, he’s simply the guy with the chairs. He’s pushed the limits of street performing in this city as well as the nerves of Church Street’s management and businesses. His is a story of how far a person can go with his own determination and skill. It’s also a story of what happens when one of Burlington’s best outgrows his roots.

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You may go to hell, and I will go to Texas: A Yankee in Fort Worth


words + photos // Evan Johnson

Outside of the limits of Fort Worth, the Texas sky seems to swallow the earth from all sides. The landscape is scattered with short, scrubby trees. This is the prairies and lakes region, the geographic area of Texas that features more vegetation and low, undulating hills. Hills aside, the experience left me feeling strangely vulnerable and exposed, as if any minute an anvil or some object could fall out of the sky and land on the hood of the car.

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Smooth Antics: Suave and spirited


words + photos + video // Ben Zackin

They’re not like any band you’ve heard before, they don’t fit comfortably into any genre and once you give a listen to this septet, you won’t be able to get them out of your head. It’s booty-shakin’ soul-pop, brought to you by Smooth Antics.

The band brings together a full instrumental set and diverse background of cultural influences to create a sound that has something to please everyone. And their live shows are one hell of a good time. Continue Reading

Pagan rite: Skinny dipping in Lake Champlain


words + photos // Benjamin Welton

The Norwegian lyrics of Enslaved’s “Havenless” were running through my brain like a litany. For what I was about to do, I needed Odin on my side. In fact, when it was my turn to step on the slippery rocks overlooking Lake Champlain, I bellowed out the name of the one-eyed god right before taking the frigid plunge. The thought of my ancestors kept me from going into complete shock as the cold, autumnal water seemed to touch every inch of my naked body. Continue Reading

Vermont Wild Life: Animal Instincts


words + photos // Benjamin Welton

The Eastern Bobcat. The Striped Skunk. Muskrats. Yes, this is Vermont wildlife. But, in truth, it is not Vermont Wild Life — Wild Life Clothing, that is. Hidden upstairs above 161 Main Street, Wild Life Clothing is an interesting shop — “boutique” might be a good word for it, but then again what Wild Life Clothing sells seems more than just the highly specific. And frankly, they’re selling a lot of it. Continue Reading